Zhengzhou International Horticultural Exposition 2017中文版

Garden Expo丨郑州园博会今日闭幕 后将降低门票继续开放

中原网By 2018-05-31 13:23:17



  It is learned from the People's Government of Zhengzhou that during the past eight months, about 2.6 million tourists have visited the 11th China (Zhengzhou) International Garden Expo. According to the established plan, the expo would be closed today. After the closing ceremony, the green space of the expo park would be permanently reserved and open to the public.




  It is known that the green land rate of the expo park is 83.26%, which can increase the urban green space by 736,400 square meters and absorb 939.6 tons of smoke and dust, release 1331.0 tons of oxygen, and become the new "urban green lung".




  After the closing of garden expo, it would be retained as green space permanently. Zhengzhou city will keep using extension facilities, on the basis of appropriate use of facilities and equipment, adjustment would be made about the garden's layout to highlight its social welfare. Besides, the ticket price would be lower, the supporting service facilities would be perfected and the functions of the park would be improved.